The Dissertation Process: Ethics paperwork

This is a brand new series on my blog about my personal dissertation process and featuring some tips & tricks that I hope to learn along the way. I am currently undertaking my dissertation this year & aim to document it in real time, citing both the good and bad times, the highs and lows and making it easier for fellow dissertation writers to see that they are not the only ones panicking when it comes to this academic piece of writing. 

I’m aware that I haven’t written a Dissertation post in a month. Thats because after my last post and the excitement I had with sending out the letter to the company and feeling really positive, I straight away fell into a circle of panic and stress! 

I’m not too sure if it was all the other assignment work I am currently battling with, or the realisation that writing a Diss involves a lot of good time-management and a level of commitment that I seem to be missing at the moment, but something came over me & I wanted to bury my head under the sand and forget all about this project. 

A big part of this was down to the fact I didn’t receive the response I was hoping from the letter I sent out. Something which I was pretty sure would happen due to how busy they are, but none the less it helped make my decision to not work on my diss a lot easier. 
The only thing that made me get my butt back into gear was the fact that last week I had to hand in my ethics paperwork; a 13 page document with a risk assessment  and various boxes that needed filled in explaining exactly what I am wanted to do my research on. Whatever my dissertation topic turns into (which at the moment is looking like my initial idea) I will have to interview under 18s and therefore this paperwork was a vital part if I want to even consider graduating! 

Now I had been working on this ethic forms for over a month prior to the hand in date *see below tweet on the 17th October*, but being the typical procrastinator I was still changing things on the deadline date! When will I learn?? 

A few other people tweeted me saying they also had to fill in ethics paperwork for their dissertation but mine seemed to be the longest! Did any of you guys have to complete some ethics paperwork, was yours a similar length to my 13 pages or shorter?? 

Now my next focus is about handing in a draft of my lit review, which seems to be taking so much longer than I first allocated time for! I’m having to do a lot of wider reading on topics such as education, engagement, young people and events because I have picked a topic where there is currently hardly any academic literature published! I have been told by lecturers that it is a pretty good idea to have done wider reading even if that information is not mentioned in the lit review, because it means you will have a greater understanding of the topic and issues you are writing about! 

However along with this project I also have 4 other assignments due in before the end of term & other commitments outside of Uni that I need to work on. Right now I could really use the ability to stop time, a chance to get ahead on some of this work before my brain explodes! 

Have any of you already written your lit review or even started you primary research? I know two people who recently conducted their interviews, thats pretty impressive & also makes me very scared! 

Are you also writing your dissertation this year or have you recently completed one & have any tips or tricks you want to share? I would love to hear them and about your process with writing your diss!  Please let me know them either in the comments below or by sending me a tweet to @imdamnstudent

  • Hope you got your ethics form all done. Our tutor sat down with our groups and went through the whole thing. I’ve handed in my research proposal and I think my supervisor is impressed with what I want to talk about.. trouble is, I have no idea where to start! I’ve decided to start on my other assignments and slowly start working on my dissertation! eekk! Good luck girly!
    Becky x

  • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ I finally got the forms sent off, just waiting for the response! I’m doing a similar thing – I feel once the other assignments are done I shall be able to get a better hold on what I need to do to further my dissertation!

    What are you doing your dissertation on? At least I know other people are in the same boat as me! ๐Ÿ™‚