How will you spark change? #TEDxYouth

So today & tomorrow it’s TEDx Youth Day and the theme for this years event is the Spark. As with all TED events it is about educating, empowering and inspiring people & with this event they are asking the question, how will you spark change?

Now some people grow up knowing they are going to do something meaningful & they set out with the aim to be someone great and give something back to society. It wasn’t until I had moved away from home that I realised doing something great doesn’t mean just doing something big, you can spark change in small ways too!

Sparking change can come from your attitude & outlook on life and the way you deal with situations and pass on your opinions. You can spark change by doing something in your community, working with local people, by traveling and meeting new people. Being someone who cares about others, both on a local level and internationally, and understanding that every little helps.

I will spark change by continuing to learn and passing on these skills, by remembering that my voice (however small) can make a difference and by giving as much back as possible.

So how will you spark change

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