G4S at Glasgow 2014: Yes or No?

Back in February I wrote a post about G4S and the problems they caused for the London 2012 games. On Monday I read that G4S are being considered by Glasgow 2014 to provide stewards & security.

The first think that came to my mind was how much of a cock-up they made of the games last year, they failed to provide what they promised in the contracts and were being paid to do, which in most lines of work is simple not acceptable. If any supplier did that on an event I have worked on they would’t be used again. Simple as.

On the topic of Glasgow 2014 Deputy Chief Constable Steve Allen told BBC News, “if any private company has learned the lessons of London 2012 it is going to be G4S.”

And as much as I might agree with that statement, does’t the fact that the other 18 firms have not f**ked up, make them better suited to running the stewards during the Commonwealth Games?

Now I do understand that G4S are one of the largest employers in Scotland (Daily Record), but they are also involved in a serious fraud investigation (BBC News) and are having to wait to find out if they will keep their government contracts in the wake of the tagging scandal (The Telegraph).

You would have though G4S would see that after the mistakes it has made and the promotion of a new boss, Ashley Almanza, that the best way to move forward is to consider where it all went wrong & correct it! But instead Mr Almanza told investors, the same ones who fired Almanza’s predecessor Nick Buckles, that the core strategy of the company is to remain the same (The Independent). This was even after they had conducted a strategy review & spent five months visiting the operations of the group (The Telegraph).

Some people may feel that my comments are unfair to G4S, in regards to not allowing them a chance to redeem themselves at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.You may believe that yes, they made a big mistake but they have learnt from that & should be allowed to show that!

And I can see why people may be of that opinion, in fact someways I do agree with it, but the Olympics & tagging scandal are not the only issues that they have faced; at the end of October they were reports alleging that G4S staff had been responsible for forcibly administrating medication to Mangaung inmates at the Mangaung Correction Centre (MCC) in South Africa (G4S).

Fundamentally there are some big issues that G4S have, both in how the company is being managed and also in passing on the ethics & core strategy to all levels of employees. They are facing a lot of problems in the UK at the moment and even though they do currently employee a large number of employees in Scotland and work at a substantial number of the venues being used in 2014, there is a strong ethical issue on using a company who has shown previously that they cannot always handle the job in hand.

My big issue with this is that the other 18 companies have not previously failed at delivering a massive governmental contract, they are not involved in an investigation from the serious fraud office  & have not be dropped from various organisations because of ethical issues (Corporate Watch).

I do not dispute the fact that G4S are changing the way they run the company but I think that they should not be employed for Glasgow 2014 & instead they should be left to focus on fixing the problems the company have.

I would like to hear your opinions on this topic & have tried to link all the articles I have read on the subject, do you think G4S should be used in the 2014 Commonwealth Games? 

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