The Dissertation Process: Idea Change

This is a brand new series on my blog about my personal dissertation process and featuring some tips & tricks that I hope to learn along the way. I am currently undertaking my dissertation this year & aim to document it in real time, citing both the good and bad times, the highs and lows and making it easier for fellow dissertation writers to see that they are not the only ones panicking when it comes to this academic piece of writing. 

So in last week’s post I mentioned that I was going with an idea that I was really interested in. Well, a lot has happened since then.

I have my second meeting with my tutor & he asked me why I was interested in doing my diss on engagement with students, I explained how it is how I first got interested in events management and how I would love to work in a job, when I graduate, that uses events to engage young people with either educational or cultural.

The he said something which threw me off my game. ‘Why not do your dissertation on the company you want to work for, actually conduct research that will assist that company & get your foot in the door with them?’

WHAT I CAN ACTUALLY DO THAT?! But wait where does that stand me with having to start my reading? What do I have to do to get this happening?

Well I am now in the process on trying to contact the organisation I would love to work with, but I don’t want to send across my initial email till it is perfect. My question is – how do you explain you are writing a dissertation and would like to conduct some research for them by finding out if the events they have held actually engage students in that topic – in a professional manner & make it obvious that you are really serious??

 It is so much more complicated than picking a bog standard dissertation topic!

 Let me know if you are also flicking between different dissertation questions or are struggling to finalise a topic? I really love hearing about how other people are getting on with their dissertation and appreciate the helpful advice that people have given me so far on twitter.

Are you also writing your dissertation this year or have you recently completed one & have any tips or tricks you want to share? I would love to hear them and about your process with writing your diss!  Please let me know them either in the comments below or by sending me a tweet to @imdamnstudent

  • Gbade Tubosun

    Hey please am struggling on what topic to choose for my dissertation. To be frank I don’t have any idea please can you be of help? This my email address

  • Hi Gbade, it is a tough decision to make. Pick something that you actually have an interest in. Doesn’t matter if its similar to other peoples, at the end of the day you are wanting to write something that gives you your best mark.

    I wish I could help more but fundamentally only you will be able to pick which topic you will enjoy writing – good luck! Caitlin

  • Hannah Manning

    Hi Everyone, I’m just starting out on my dissertation but I’m not sure what topic to chose… i would like to go into drug and alcohol abuse or a wedding and party strand… but I’m not sure…. any suggestions?? my email is

  • Hey Hannah – how is it going with you Dissertation? Have you decided on which topic area your looking to go into? If you still not sure I would recommend having a look at previous students dissertations in these two areas, you might be able to see if that sparks a thought or stand of interest! Hope it is going well 🙂