My biggest What If?

What is the one thing you always think ‘What if I …’

I always think back to the time when I was 5 it was my Dad’s surprise birthday party. All his family had flown in & there was a live band. I was the youngest person dancing & a member of the band asked me if I wanted to play the tambourine on stage with them, & because I was shy – I said no. Ever since that day I have always wondered what would have happened if I had said yes?

You may ask why this sticks in my mind over all the other things I may never have done, and simply it is because this moment is the one where it might have changed my whole attitude as a kid. I might not have been so shy, taken on more challenges as I grew up or not been so afraid of the unknown. Maybe I would have conquered that fear of being outside my comfort zone at a much earlier stage.

But I really want to know what your biggest ‘What If?’ moment is?? 

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