Facing the music

I am someone who likes to put off tasks that I don’t want to do, often by finding other more ‘important’ things to occupy my time or by trying to forget that I have an issue to deal with!

From wehearit.com

Yesterday I faced up to a big issue that I had been putting off for the last two week.  It was definitely not the easiest conversation, nor was it on a topic that was particularly merrymaking. However I dealt with it & I felt like a massive idiot not addressing it earlier! Why? Because even though it was hard it wasn’t as bad as I had been making it out to be.

Sometimes it seems easier to put off the daunting tasks & focus on things that seem easier, but there is nothing more satisfying than the feeling of doing something you have been dreading.

So if you have been putting off a task that really needs to be done, go ahead and give it a go! And let me know if you are also someone who buries their head in the sand when having to do certain jobs!

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