Coming back to Uni & #100Women

Trying to get back into the university working lifestyle but man it is hard. The thing is even though there are many many pros to going out on a placement year YOU DO NOT WRITE AN ESSAY FOR OVER A YEAR!

Suddenly after spending 12 months working and an additional summer off before university started I am expected to come back and write 2,000 word essays with academic referencing and using the correct method of Harvard referencing. It is absolutely crazy, but then again this is what growing up is all about! ** but really if anyone does want to come and write my assignments for me I would be more than happy to accept! **

On a more serious note this month is the BBC’s 100 Women which is a series of programmes both on TV, Radio and online shining a light on life for women in the 21st century. I would strongly recommend you go over to the website and check out the different programmes and join in the conversation.