Back in time to 2009

Below is a page post I found this week from a WordPress blog I never published back in 2009. I was 17 had finally found the area I wanted to study at University and obviously thought I was going to be doing lots of amazing projects whilst completing my last year at school! I felt that this was something I really had to share, mainly because it made me laugh.

Past Caitlin, don’t worry you made it! 

“Event Management is a multi-million dollar industry, growing rapidly, with mega shows and events hosted regularly. The industry now includes events of all sizes from the Olympics down to a breakfast meeting for ten business people. Every industry, charity, society and group will hold events of some type/size in order to market themselves, build business relationships, raise money or celebrate.”

My name is Caitlin Kobrak and i am 17 years old. I am about to go into my last year of school and am in the process of picking out universities that i may want to apply for. The course and area i want to study is event management & this blog is my way of showing what I am able to do and what I want to achieve through studying it as a course and from organising my own events.

I am no Colin Cowie but I love that feeling of control and satisfaction I get when something I have done people say they enjoyed. The real thing that got me interested in event management was going to a poetry live event when I did my GCSEs, from how it was put together and getting all the people there.

I have been to a few festivals over the last couple of years (links at bottom of page) and that has sparked my dream of working in an area that would allow me to help set up something half as good as the stuff I have seen. Over the next year I hope to hold a few events of my own and that is why I created this blog to show the work I plan to do.

thank you

So have you ever found things that make you laugh from your past? And how much do you think you have changed in the last 4 years? Let me know in the comments below of send me a tweet 

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