Tips & Tricks for University Freshers

Today my brother is starting university and i’m about to head back for my final year and after trying to pass on some useful bits of information it got me thinking about all the things I wished I had known when I started. So for all you new University Students here are a few points that I hope will help you in the start of this new chapter.
  • Homesickness is normal. Most people will feel it and thats just fine. But try to remember that this feeling is only temporary! 
  • You are now *technically* in charge of your own life, which means no more annoying sigh’s for parents when you watch TV till 4am, or when dinner is made up of super noodles and vodka! 
  • Drinking yourself silly is more of an achievement than an embarrassment, just think of the stories you can tell! BUT always remember to drink responsibly.
  • At long last you now are only having to work on one subject. Long gone are the days of GCSEs and A-Levels – now you get to work on something you are actually interested in.
  • Both darks & whites can be washed together.
  • Somethings cost more than what you would have first thought: Milk, Soft Drinks, Fruit & Veg and sadly Alcohol (TopTip: Super Market own brands are your new best friend!) 
  • Talk to your tutors about your assignments, both whilst you are writing them but most importantly once it has been marked! Find out what can be improved.
  • If your university offer services which can help with writing CV’s or structuring essays, go and check them out.
  • If your course offers a year abroad or a placement year. TAKE IT. You will learn so much more than what is taught in the classroom.
  • Try and start the assignments more than 2 days before they are due, its hard but so much less stressful. 

But most importantly Go out. Enjoy yourself. Make friends & Have fun!