Not so afraid.

This past month has been pretty hectic for me.

On the 7th of August my youngest Baby Cousin, Sebastiano, was born.
My little brother got into University & has started some pretty amazing projects.
Some of my best-friends graduated University and came out with amazing grades.
I worked again at Greenbelt Festival & had one of the best weeks and met more amazing people.
And yesterday I turned 21.

But the thing that has really blindsided me is the fact that i’ve realised i’m ready to take on the things that used to scare me, i’m ready to challenge myself.

When I left school at 17 & started university the idea of traveling on my own anywhere frightened me, I didn’t feel ready to take on experiences that most 17 year olds do (such as learn to drive) and I still felt too young & too inexperiences to challenge myself.

But i’ve grown up in both age and experience. I’ve had to do thing I didn’t think I was capable of doing and learn not be so afraid of the unknown.
There is a difference from turning 21 compared to turning 20.
You’re not so afraid of the small things in life.