Does age impact you ability to do a job?

I’ve always enjoyed working more than studying. The simple fact is I am much more practical than academic, and since the age of 17 I have know what I have wanted to do with my future.

However whilst I was working on my placement I found when people asked my age and I replied with ’20’ they looked at me in a different way. And I could tell they were forming an opinion on if I was able to the job in hand.

But why? Does my age change my ability to do the job?

Of course not. I have the experience and abilities to do the job in hand regardless of my age. Yes, at 18, when I started taking on work experience, I didn’t have the skills or experience I have now. However I was given an opportunity and I learnt and I have carried on, and will carry on, learning and getting the experience & skills needed.

But I am more than capable to do the same job as many other people in my field, regardless of their age.

What I don’t understand is why age is something that changes people’s perceptions of others abilities?
Have you ever had people judge you just because of your age, and if you have how did you respond?

I would love you hear your answers either in the comments below or on twitter @imdamnstudent