The small dilemma of the all too familiar

There are times in our lives where we feel we have come to a standstill. We feel like we are in a rut & the continuous daily routine just won’t stop. 

Picture from Tumblr

Here is what a weekday looks like for me:

I get up at 7.10am (already running late)
Rush around for half an hour getting ready
Dash out of the door at 7.40
fast walk it to the train station, buy my £12.35 ticket
try and catch the 8am train
Spend 40 minutes watching some downloaded iplayer TV show
Arrive at London Blackfriars at 8.42am
Walk to the office
Turn on my computer & start work

work work work work


work work work work

5.40 I leave the office
Rush to Blackfriars to catch the fast 5.56pm train
Get back to the station at 6.30pm
Get into the house at 6.50pm
Catch up on TV & emails
Eat some dinner
Then bob’s your uncle it is 10.30pm & time for bed.
Get to sleep around 11pm & all of a sudden my 6.30am alarm is blaring.

But maybe this means it is time to add some excitement into the daily routine – change it up a little! Any ideas?
  • Yeah I know what you mean….usually I go to work, then either go work on my online blogs or coding tutorials at a coffee shop or go to the gym, then home, try to figure out something for dinner, and watch a movie or read until bedtime. I do try to go see a show or catch up with a friend over drinks at least once a week, though!

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