The I’ve-been-away-for-a-while post

Picture from Tumblr 

One sign that work and life has become busier is when you see no posts for 2 weeks. Or it could be from complete lack of inspiration. 

I would attribute both to the lack of updates on I’m a damn student, what do I know? 

There have been some topics I want to talk about such as the update on G4S and they fact they paid back £88m instead of the rumoured £50m, which I suppose was better than nothing but none the less fills me with little inspiration about event regulation when suppliers let you down. (source)

But my problem is that every topic I think about writing is so serious. 

I have been trying to put together my final placement prep post about interviews and how to prepare for them. But my mind keeps going back to the drawing board on a ‘fun’ post – something that will lighten the heavy posts! However rather than brainstorming ideas I instead spend my time on Pinterest looking a beautiful pictures of French bulldogs & Pugs! 

So what I am asking is if you have any post idea that you would like to see on this blog please let me know by commenting below or sending me a tweet (@imdamnstudent) / email.