Answer me this: why is the G4S issue still not resolved?

It is hard to escape the 2012 Olympic Games even after stadiums have come down & athletes have retired from their sports.

However today I want to discuss G4S. Many of you will know that G4S is a security provider that was paid to provide all the security for the 2012 London Games. However they failed to meet their £284m contract and provide the 10,000 security staff needed. Instead it cost the government an additional £50m to rectify, as well as meaning deploying around 3,500 extra troops.

Currently there are talks going on between G4S & LOCOG in regards to their contract and “at least £50m would be deducted, covering £36m for the extra troops, and £6m for extra police officers.” (source). However I agree with Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, about the fact that G4S should also forgo their £54m management fee.

The simple fact is that G4S f*ucked up.

They didn’t fulfil their contract & they took too long in announcing that fact. They cost the taxpayer an additional £50m and this in turn means that they failed. So why are they being allowed to keep that £284m? & why does there even need to be talks when everyone can see that there is nothing to discus?

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