Why dreams are good to keep in mind!


These last 6 months have shown me where I want to go in my career. They have shaped the specific field of events I want to specialise in and they awakened a real desire to learn.

This has made me think about is the dreams we all have – the ambitions and aims in life that we want to achieve.

Some want to travel the world.
Others want money & to live a certain type of lifestyle.

Everyones dreams are different & so they should be.

But the thing you have to remember is that the dreams you have should be YOURS.
They should make YOU proud.
This is YOUR life! 

  • Absolutely! I’m a big fan of writing a letter to myself every NYE about what I want to accomplish this year, and then I open last years just to see how far I’ve come!


  • Erin that is an amazing thing to do! Do use the futureme.org website? I love the idea of sending a letter to the future me about where I see myself and the aims I have.