Welcome to 2013


So we are exactly a week into 2013. Did you make any New Years resolutions?
I came to the profound conclusion that I never stick to ‘resolutions’ but have instead opted to make some goals for this year. 
2013 is a big one in regards to my course, the last 6 months of my Placement, the start of my final year of University & an awful lot of research for my dissertation & other projects. 
However I always love the start of New Years – in some ways it is a clean slate & an opportunity to take a break and reassess where you are going. 12 months to achieve goals! 
I am hoping to upload my covering letter post this weekend & I have some exciting ideas that shall hopefully make their way onto this little blog. 
It would be great to hear about your goals for 2013 in the comments or tweet me @imdamnstudent