The 6 month point!

I am now a full 6 months through my placement.

The half way point. 
This is the time where in my opinion things can only improve, I have had half a year to learn it all & feel comfortable in how the business works – now I have 6 months to grow & achieve bigger goals. 
These last 6 months have been eye-opening & I have learnt a lot about myself.
About the best way to go about things & the worst.
I have learnt how to deal with difficult situations and how to take a job & take it all one step further. 
It hasn’t always been fun or easy but then after months of planning we create and run these amazing events & I realise that this is why we do it.

There may be really shit days along the way but they only lead to beautiful ones. 

You have to make your placement the best it can be.
You have to be proactive.
And you have to want to be there.

I can tell you that the last 6 months have taught me more than I ever thought & that dong a placement year is the biggest opportunity you have to get amazing experience in the Event Industry.

It was the best decision I ever made to take a course that provided me with this opportunity.

  • Hello,
    Can I ask where you are doing your placement?


  • Hi Monica,

    I am doing my placement for an Event Management & Catering company called Payal Events. I am now less than a month away from finishing & it has been one big learning curve.

    Are you looking for a placement?

    Thanks 🙂