How to beat the boredom of the commute to work!

The perils of traveling five days a week on the train for 45 mins each way is boredom.
Fair enough I could listen to music but soon you will have listened to the same song on repeat. 
And yes I could watch a TV show but anything longer than 30 mins and you won’t be able to finish it. 
So the best thing I have found to stop all feelings of total boredom on my journeys is reading some good books. 


Now I am an avid reader, I always have been & always will be. 
I also own a kindle so regardless of how much stuff I have to cart to work I can always bring along a good book! I get stuck into books quickly – reading a good  book can give you something to look forward to, helps make up for the fact you won’t get home till early evening & there is nothing worse than having a shit day at work & knowing you have a long journey home with nothing to do!

With this in mind I have listed five of my favourite books that I have read on my daily commute over the last 6 months & that I feel will make any train journey an adventure. 

Numeruno uno: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Probably one of the best books I ready in 2012 – such good book that when I was coming home from Paris I almost missed my stop!

It is a distopia novel set in 2044 – the world is crumbling away & to escape the destruction people log onto OASIS, an online utopia where people can become anything they want. The founder of OASIS died with no heir & left his whole fortune to the person who solves the riddles he left scattered throughout the alternative world.

This is a definite 5/5 

Book Two: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

This has been made into a film that is coming out later this year & is a fantastic story about a zombie called R who regardless of having no memories or a pulse – has dreams, making him a little different from all the other zombies! 

Against all the normal urges of the Zombies ‘R’ opts to save a girl & the story follows ‘R’ and Julie and their fight.

This a very good book, however the ending is a little disappointing but I have been told that there is a second book on its way! I would give this a 4/5 

Tres novel: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson

Now this was a surprise enjoyment of a book because I bought it not knowing a lot about it other than it is the international bestselling sensation (which I read from the front cover). This book has been on a lot of best selling lists & recommended all over the place & I would have to agree with them. 

This book is amazing – the story splits between the current day, following one-hundred year old Allan Karlsson after he escapes the old peoples home he has been living in, and the past, following the life of the young Allan Karlsson & his story (which is full of adventure!)

This is a 5/5 story

Fourth Book: When She Woke by Hillary Jordan

This is a fantastic novel that looks at the law & prison sentences in a very different way. Hannah Payne is convicted of murder & sentenced to life as a red. Criminals skin colour is genetically altered to match the class of their crime. The victim of Hannah’s crime is her unborn child. It shows Hannah’s life after she is convicted & allowed back into society, it is a story that shows a society here the line between church & state has been eradicated & convicted felons are released back into society to survive the best they can. 

A very very good book that can be compared to writers like Margaret Atwood – 4/5

The Final Book: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Letvithan

This is the only novel on the list that is a Young Adult (YA) novel. It is the story or two teenage boys both with the name Will Grayson who’s paths cross during their last year of high school. They are two very different Will Grayson’s – not at all alike in personalities but they are bought together & then both their lives change forever in ways that neither could have imagined. 

What is great about this book is that its a collaboration between Green & Letvithan – Green wrote all of the odd-numbered chapters & Letvithan all the even chapters.  They split the book evenly in half & the only plot they decided together was the fact that the two characters would meet.  

This another 5/5 that is interestingly put together. 

Let me know if you have read any of these books or if you are planning on doing so – I would love to hear what you thought about them. Tweet me @imdamnstudent 
  • Ready player one is FANTASTIC! one of the better sci-fi novels I’ve read this year. Another great one you should check out is The Age of Miracles by Karen Walker. Great soft sci-fi book, it’s more of a thinking book, less action but it was a great read.