Do you remember where you were on the 20th January 2009?

Today President Obama shall be publicly sworn into office for his second term in front of around 800,000 people on Capitol Hill & millions more who shall be watching the live streaming.

I remember where I watched the inaugeration four years ago & how it made me feel and I am very much looking forward to watching the speeches today.

Politics is a big interest of mine. The understanding of how the system both in the UK & US works still baffles me, as does a majority of what Government does. However it is important to our society & to our growth and regardless of how complicated it can come across it is an area that I love to learn about.

It is also the area that I want to work in with events; specifically the education & engagement of young adults with British Politics.

Days like today are Historical.
Just like the 2009 Inauguration and the 2010 UK General Election.
These are days that excite & inspire me.
These are days that teach me.