I Know, I Know.

I get it.

Like seriously I do.

I told you another post would be up & I made a promise that I would write on a regular basis.

Well shoot me – real life got in the way.

(What I mean by real life is my friends have come back fro uni & the hobbit came out – hence the importance of whatching all 3 LOTR films back to back)

So to fill the caping hole of a un-updated blog I have decided today is a good time to share some pictures of life from my phone. Today (Thursday 20th December) shall be my last day in the Office till the 2nd of January which shall be nice – How are you spending your Christmas Break?

My little computer – with fish for friends!

Went to see Bon Iver & the crowd were BIG


View of London from my Train

The best thing Starbucks invented! Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino

The little bit of Snow recieved so far this Winter

My Bottle of Water wanted to get into the Festive Spirit

And lastly my Wonky Fake Christmas Tree!