The start of my ‘events’ career

The pivotal moment when I became aware I wanted to become an event manger, was at my Year 12 Politics at the London School of Economics (here). I was 16 & just gaining a new fascination with the integral and vast area of UK politics, an interest that has only grown these last 4 years.

However is wasn’t really what the MPs were saying that made the event memorable it was the idea that an event like this would allowed young people to understand the impact Politics does have on their daily lives.  That something like this might just engage and excite people to learn a little more about the importance of their vote.

It pushed me into a field that is not only creative but can impact young people’s education. However it wasn’t till I started my Placement that I strongly realised where my passion lies & that is with events that enable education to go one step further. Events that get people engaged and inspired. And with events that make a lasting impression.

What inspired you to become who you are? 
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