My Top Five

Following a post I wrote earlier this week about why I started a career in the events industry I have today decided to list my top 5 events/organisations I would love to work for one day.

This is a list that started at the end of 2010 when I was strongly considering dropping out of University. It was a list that kept me going and pushed me forward. It has changed over time but most have been there since the start, which is partly because most are very similar. They all educate and inspire and more than then they all leave lasting impressions with the people who attend.

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Rock the Vote

I first head about Rock the Vote was when I was watching West Wing (one of the best TV shows ever written) & I then ended up stalking the website for 5 hours. The whole idea of this organisation is about getting young people (between the ages of 18-25) to vote, about getting young people engaged with Politics and they achieve this by working with social media & celebrity culture.

Because of young people’s disinterest with UK politicians I would love to bring this organisation and type of model across to the UK. Working to change peoples perceptions of Government and Politics in this country.


This is a fantastic website and series of conferences that touch on a range of topic. I managed to get tickets for the Ted event in Brighton last month but sadly due to working full time I was unable to go. What I love about these guys is the fact these talks are done by normal people who have so many different jobs and so many ideas to share.

I always end up on the website watching talk after talk into the early hours of the morning when really I should be sleeping! I would love to organise a Ted event and have the opportunity to hear different people talk about how they have gotten somewhere & why the believe in certain things. I want to be challenged in my believes and ideas and inspired to research different things.


What I love about this festival is the intertwining of music, film and technology and the fact their ethos of bringing people together to meet and share ideas has never gone away. As great as working for this festival would be at the moment I am just aiming to attend the event and have the chance to take it all in.

The thing about SXSW that makes it so interesting to me is the fact whenever it happens the blogs and articles written about the event always talk about the amazing things it had on offer and the people they met whilst there.


There is a very simple reason why I would love to work at Vidcon. I am an avid youtube watcher from missxrojas through to Nerimon & Casey Neistat. And the fact there is an event that is planned, managed and attended by youtubers from all over the world is a very excited thing. And just think of the amazing talent and pool of people you would meet getting to work there!


This last one is sort of a cheat in the sense I have already worked for them. But it is on my list because I hope to continue to work with them and be part of a fantastic festival that allows people to talk about faith, art and music. As an atheist many people might question why a ‘Christian’ festival is on my list but what I found working with these guys is the open-ness and the understanding of different beliefs – it allows young people to form their own ideas on religion and also the arts. It questions many stereotypes and it not half bad that it takes place in the brilliant Cheltenham Racecourse.

With Greenbelt it is about the people who create this festival, the way it is put together and the fact people come back year after year that makes it such a fantastic organisation to be part of.

I would really (really) love to know about the events/organisations /festival/anything you want to work for and why they are on your list. 

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  • I would love to work for events that have anything to do with animals or wildlife. Great blog by the way 🙂