The 2012 Event Awards

This past Friday was the 2012 Event Awards!

I stalked the twitter hashtag #eventawards  & followed @EventAwards to see who would be announced as the winners.

Part of why I sat in my living room with twitter open and watching pre-recorded episodes of ‘Don’t tell the bride’ was because I have worked with a few of the companies since starting my placement – rooting for the home-teams. However the main reason was because, one of the things my lecturers have enforced into my subconscious these last two years, is that it is always important to have current knowledge of the events industry. Nothing is more current than real time!

As tweeted by @Jamstaffing

As tweeted by @ADI_LED

It was quite strange this year seeing the companies nominated and the winners because I knew a lot more of them than I did for the 2011 awards. This was down to a few factors; Firstly my placement either works with them or has done so in the past. Secondly I have heard them mentioned numerous times or lastly because I applied to their placement positions.

It has made me realise that the Events Industry may involve many different sections but it is also small & still quite new. Networking has never seemed more important!