Placement Year: 4 Months

I mentioned before that the biggest aspect of the work life balance that I was struggling with was always feeling tired & opting to stay in rather than hit the town.

But now exactly 4 months down the road I am starting to realise that having the opportunity to stay in is actually pretty rare. The past few months have been hectic and busy & at times really difficult.

But just like everyone else I am realising that getting up before it is light and arriving home once it is dark means that after meeting up with a few friends for a quick drink or skyping a friend for an hour or so it is suddenly time to hit the sack.

I haven’t felt like I have had a really good evening in for a long time because I am always back mid evening & having to put myself to bed at a stupidly sensible hour. On my ‘rare’ weekends off I am either asleep till mid afternoon or up tackling the pile of laundry (which is much bigger than when I was at uni!)

I would be lying if I said I missed the Uni timetable & ability to sleep till whenever and have West Wing marathons with tubs of Ben & Jerry’s. However I now treasure my morning & evening commutes  where for an hour I am able to read some fantastic books.

So maybe I don’t want to be Carrie Bradshaw – at the moment I am pretty happy to take each day as it come & if that means that most nights I am in the house watching New Tricks with my parents & skyping people on the other side of the country then that is fine with me. (but I still wouldn’t mind Carrie’s wardrobe!)