Placement Year: Two Events Down

It is absolutely crazy to think I have been in my position for only 2 months – I honestly feel like I have been working for a lot longer. Yet at the same time I don’t. I am finally finding my feet, realising what is working for me and what I dramatically need to improve on. However I am enjoying it immensely and if things continue to get better and better I am imagining a very exciting 10 months!

Whats funny is that we have been pretty quiet with our events since July because of the 2012 Olympics! This has been good for me because it has allowed me to focus on learning about and understanding how the company works. For example I am working on writing quotes for clients and ordering equipment from suppliers for our events.

I have worked on 2 weddings since starting this internship and what I have been finding the most interesting is how vibrant they are – and also how utterly beautiful the brides look. The difference between my perception of what working in catering and events would be like and what it is actually like is so different.

I love listening to (and eating) what people are planning on having for their big day. By the start of September 2013 I shall be weighing quite a lot more – such good food.

This September is going to pretty busy with our events in London which I am really looking forward to working on, on seeing the hard work that we have put into them come to life. On hearing the comments from guests and the clients afterwards and to admiring the amazing outfits worn.

The amount I have learnt in the past two months is simply put ‘amazing’. From what scared me when I started, to feeling confident talking to people who are sending in enquiries and knowing more and more about what we offer.

I’m learning pretty quickly that this internship is going to teach me more than I could ever learn at Uni.

Are you on your placement year? Looking for a placement? I would love to hear you views on what you think @Imdamnstudent