How to style an outfit for work

I’m very lucky with where I work and the relaxed nature of what we have to wear. For example in the office there is a mixture of jeans and converse as well as smart dresses and suits. 
If I know I am going to meetings or am working on an event I always dress smart and wear my blazer. If I am only in the office all day I may tend to dress more casual with black jeans and sometimes a t-shirt but more often than not a shirt/blouse and my trusty black or green blazer. Some days I can’t be bothered, because lets face it at 6.30 in the morning all I really want to do is sleep as long as I possibly can and then throw on some clothes and rush to the station. But there is something quite satisfying getting up earlier and putting on an outfit that makes you feel confident.
I always find that when I feel good in what I am wearing I work harder. I enjoy the commute in the morning and I look forward to my day. So I have decided to show three work outfits that I would wear to work and that all look good with a trusty black smart blazer. (plus something you should always wear when working – a good WATCH!) 

It would be great to hear about what you wear to work and if you prefer dressing smart for work or if you are like me and a mixer. Plus has anyone found the perfect work shoes? That is something I am still trying to search for. @Imdamnstudent