Placement Year: 3 weeks in

The biggest thing I have learnt so far, after 3 weeks working at my placement, is how tired I can become. I want to be like Carrie Bradshaw – with the chic outfits, the glamorous evenings out with friends and the perfect work life balance. 

However I have instead turned into that bleary eyed girl, who stumbles out of bed at 6.30am, sprays some dry shampoo in her hair and puts on the clothes that were laid out the night before just prior to her passing out from tiredness at 8.30pm. 

So yes, it is easy to see that I am currently no Carrie Bradshaw. However as part of my placement year I have to write out my aims and objectives, what I want to have achieved after 12 months working. Truly I feel they are expecting and hoping for us to create aims that are based around our jobs and not so much on the social aspect of this placement.  Regardless of this important piece of information I have decided that one of my aims shall be to become a UK based version of Carrie – I don’t mean the aspect where she writes about her love life or the part where she lives in a stylish apartment all by herself. I am more establishing to be that girl who doesn’t turn down every social occasion with friends because she is too tired and that girl who manages to walk to the train station rather than run because she left too late!

The worst thing about being tired is when you are so exhausted that your eyes cannot focus on what you are doing. What makes the whole situation worse is that the only way to ‘cure’ it involves either jumping up and down for a good five minutes or leaving the office for some fresh air – however unless you are a smoker there is never a good enough reason to do so. 

However do not fear, in the true style of Blue Peter, here is a list I made earlier – my top three ways to tackle tiredness in the office:

1. Set your alarm for 20 minutes before you need to be up – it is nice knowing you get an extra nap. 
2. Walk part of the way to work – the fresh air should help wake you up in the morning. 
3. Talk to your colleagues in the office – doing something other than the task in hand helps keep your brain active and stimulated. 

The whole process is a learning curve and do not be ashamed if you are too tired to go out in the evening with friends – the whole 9 to 5 is no easy thing. Like all things a routine can help immensely, even if that just means you get home before 12pm when you have work the next day. 

For anyone who is currently doing a placement or work experience let me know in the comments below how you manage to tackle the tiredness. Or sent me a tweet @Imdamnstudent