The Argumentation that work is just work, and it cannot be more than that.

In the July 2012 issue of ELLE UK there is an interesting article written by Alexandra Jones called ‘Do you have to love what you do?

The reason it is an interesting article is down to the view point Jones is bringing across that “earning a living isn’t supposed to replace actually living.” Usually I end up reading articles that tell me ‘I should love every second of my job’ and as much as I agree with that point it makes you feel guilty when you have a shit day.

Lets be honest here – no one loves what they do all the time. Hell the Queen didn’t look that happy when she had to stand in the poring rail watching the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant and even world famous musicians must have off days. So Alexandra’s article allows the opportunity to think about whether, personally, you are more concerned with the social aspect of life or your job.

However I find it hard to pick one of the two – because even though I want a lifestyle like my parents have given me, one that allows some luxuries along the way, I also want the perfect Job. I feel that work and social should go hand in hand. What is the point of doing a job where you spend the whole time wishing you weren’t there?

So even though I agree with the statement Jones makes that your relationship with your job will “swing from heavenly to heart-wrenching” I add that that is exactly the same with actual relationships both with friends and loved ones – you don’t take second best with them, do you?

Now I pose the question to you – Do you have to love what you do? @Imdamnstudent