Placement Year: Training Days

Last Tuesday & Wednesday I went into my new office for an induction into what my job shall entail, prior to starting tomorrow.

Without a doubt before I went I was nervous. I still am, but I am also more excited.  The great thing about training days is that they set you up with an understanding, however small, of what is expected of you. It is also a great way to meet a few people you shall be working with before the first day.

Nothing is as scary as walking into an office, about to start a new job, where you know no-one.

But nothing is as exciting as starting something you love or meeting new people who could become friends.

I am hoping that this placement/Intern position will be amazing and that it lives up to the expectation that I seem to have built it up to.

So all I can say is if you are starting a new job, ASK FOR AN INDUCTION DAY or a chance to work shadow them before you start work!

Hell if you have gotten to this stage CONGRATULATIONS, you my friend have made that first crucial step onto the career ladder!