Placement Year: The Preface

I finished my second year at University on the 16th May and since then have been thinking a lot more about this next year. In just under a month, on the 25th of June 2012, I shall be starting my 12 month placement at a London and Manchester based events company.

I shall be in full time work as well as being a commuter. I shall be a ‘professional’, and technically for this period I won’t be a student.

That is a very scary intimidating thought because for the last 2 months I have just been thinking about working over summer – whilst the Olympics are on!  It  hadn’t dawned on me that it is 12 months – as in A WHOLE YEAR – as in something that lasts longer than any other job I have ever done.

I am very lucky because the company I am working for is quite small and family run, as well as being in a group of other event companies and suppliers. This allows for a work environment where I get to meet lots of new people and contacts as well as working with the same people. Personally I love working in smaller teams as I feel you get a higher level of responsibility and it enables a stronger relationship with each person. That isn’t to say I wouldn’t be interested or happy working in a larger team – in fact those environments can allow for greater skills to be learnt as everyone brings a new perspective to the job.

Part of me feels I should be more nervous about my placement, because I have never been in this situation where I am joining an already established team for longer than a few weeks. However I am currently working on another BBC event with Keystone, (an events company I have previously worked for on the BBC Hands on History Roadshow in 2011), called The Great British Story. So instead of sitting at Uni and worrying about my future I have instead been working and concentrating on that.

This post is just an establishing point of my future, a reference to my feelings now, because in 22 days I shall be starting my first day of my new job and I know that how I feel then will be the polar opposite of how I feel now!