How to turn down a Job offer.

Turning down a job is hard work. When two offers are on the table you have to weigh up the pros and cons of both opportunities. You have to think about so many things, not just the pay or travel time but also if you personally feel like you would fit in with the team.

I mentioned in my last post that I was offered two placement positions, two similar but fundamentally different organisations. It was a shock, because for months I have just been going through the processes of applying and interviewing, never thinking past that just in case. But then I was faced with the decision of which company to turn down and which offer to take.

I think for anyone in this situation the idea of working hard for months to secure a job offer and then having to say goodbye to one is really tough. For me it was not only new territory but I also had to consider the long term benefits of the two offers.

My placement is for12 months and I hope to make strong contacts and friends that might ideally lead to a job after I graduate, either with the same company or via people I meet throughout the year. It is something to consider and ask yourself, will this lead to a job? Because they current job climate isn’t as strong so making a strong impression whilst out in industry is vital.

The biggest thing that influenced my decision was how each company talked about their current intern, because that shows a lot about how they treat them. My advise to anyone who is currently, or will be in the future, looking for a placement is to talk to the current interns, as they will tell you much more about the company and how they honestly feel about working for them and how they are treated.

If you have been able to get two (or more) job offers I think there are 5 key questions that you need to ask yourself about each company to help decide which job to take.

1. Is the pay good?
2. Do you feel the job will challenge and excite you?
3. Do you feel like you will fit in with the team?
4. Is the location somewhere you want and can spend you time? 
5. Do you feel the company appreciates you? 

In my management lecture on Monday we were looking at what Motivates people to work, the overall consensus was Money. Therefore it is something that will definitely influence you – however if the pay isn’t as good in one offer it doesn’t automatically cancel it out as a possibility. In fact the team dynamics is on equal importance to many people.

If you don’t like the atmosphere of a company yet their pay is really good but you have an offer from somewhere else that pays less but has a much better team relationship then go with the second option because you have to enjoy working there otherwise you will not be motivated!

It was a very hard decision I had to make with the two offers I got as both were strong contenders and had different things going for them, however in the end I was swayed by the team and the people in the company because I saw myself fitting in & because I had never felt more comfortable in an interview.

So consider every pro and con and remember YOU have the final say. Think about what is important to you personally.

When you get to turning down a company keep it short and sweet, remember you could end up working for or with that company in the future – I wrote this message to the company I turned down:

Dear X, 
Thank you very much for offering me this opportunity. It was a pleasure to meet you and the rest of the team yesterday. 

However I am going to have to turn you down because I have received another offer. This has been a difficult choice to make because I can see how great company X is and what a wonderful placement opportunity it would be. 

Thank you, Caitlin Kobrak. 

*it took me an hour to word it right! 

Always remember to send it promptly and like I said short and sweet. They are busy people who often have other candidates waiting in the wings.

So in summary the How to of turning down a job offer is to:
 Firstly consider the pros and cons
 Answer those 5 key questions
 And then to write a short and prompt letter/email or phone them. 

Good luck! & If you have had to turn down a Job – let me know how you went about it! @Imdamnstudent 

  • Seriously great advice. I don’t think many people ever think they’ll get more than one job offer at a time but it’s important to remember not to sell yourself cheap. If you won’t be happy in a job, I can’t imagine it being worth taking. Thanks for being awesome and involved with the Student Link-Up! <3

    Oh Hey Kayspray!