Do you need a Degree to be Successful?

Do you need a Degree to be Successful?

I just read a wonderful article on Stylist Magazine  on whether a degree will equal success, this is a debate that I find very interesting to comment on because as a University student most people assume I stand with the camp who agree a degree is an important tool in regards to the working world.

However I strongly feel that “university is a tool, not a ticket” it is a foot in the door rather than an assumption of a job at the end and as the article says in todays climate it is more and more about ‘who you know and less about what you know.’ I understand that the overall package of University is not just gaining a degree but also involves becoming independent and the social activities, I would never say uni is a waste of time as so much can be learnt from it but I do think more benefit is gained from work experience and internships and with the increase of fees up to £9,000 I think a majority of course are a waste of time.

I am currently interviewing for my 12 month placement year in which i hope to find a paid job in the event industry, for all the interviews I have had all of them have said they were impressed with my CV and the level of experience I have. No one mentioned my degree or even asked me about how well I was doing and this has only furthered my belief that practical experience in industries such like mine trumps a 3 or 4 year degree.

A lot of the comments felt sometimes people forget about the other skills university teaches outside of the degree, and that these experience are of equal important to the individual person even if they do not translate to a career.

I think when discussing, if you need a degree to be successful, you firstly need to establish if you mean success in a career, then arguably it works as a way to open a door, or if you mean success in aiding a persons personal growth then, personally a degree is a great way (if you can afford it) to ‘grow up’ and learn more before you step into the work place.

But the more important question if what do you think?



  • For me… you will never be a successful person if you don’t know how to value the time and no hard work. We should strive hard to get everything that we want to have for ourselves. Anyway, thank you for making this article and I just want to add something here. How to become a certified event planner :

  • Thank you Sabrina for your comment. I read your article on becoming a certified event planner, I agree with your points on it improving your reputation within the industry and I think you are very true with your comment above – it is about making sure we work to achieve the things we want to achieve.