Social Media and Celebrities, What do you think?

On the 5th of January 2012 I read an article on the BBC News homepage about how Gamers Makers are being restircted from using social media whilst working at the Olympics. The full article is here. I tweeted about it because I was shocked that Locog have done this.

Social Media is a massive part of the modern world and I would have thought an opportunity to have young people and games makers tweeting about how exciting everything is, would be beneficial towards the overall idea of the Olympics.

Most people in London know about the opportunity to volunteer as a  Games Makers as it has been advertised non-stop, I also know a few people who singed up for the opportunity, myself included.

Elements of what they are asking makes sense, not to disclose breaking news about an athlete I understand, however the fact they are unable to disclose their location or what it is that they are doing in the Olympics I find very strange. Can someone please explain to me what it is they think will happen? 

Other news in the world of events that has sparked my interested in this first week of 2012 is about celebrity appearances/endorsements and if they add any value to events

As a 19 year old teenager I have grown up with celebrity endorsements in most advertisements on the television from Loreal to the recent 2011 Dior advert. Makeup is the biggest area with endorsements along with skincare (Vanessa Hudgens Neutrogena advert), and I personally have been influenced to buy a product because of the celebrity involved in the advert. However some endorsements haven’t worked out and personal issues of the celebrity can create a backlash with the company – take Tiger Woods in 2009 when “a huge gap opened up between Woods’s advertising persona and his public image” (New Yorker, 2009) and influences Accenture to end their sponsorship deal with him

Celebrities at events is a more complicated issue than endorsements. When thinking about having a celebrity appearance at your event you have to think about you primary audience and who they are influenced by and respect. There is no point having Jedward come to your event if the target audience is 40 to 45 year olds. You have to think about the message your event in trying to broadcast and realistically think if the celebrity appearance will help your targets. If you are trying to make a profit does spending over £5,000 on a 10 minute appearance from a D-list celebrity help, or will tickets sell regardless?

In December of 2011 my University put on a Christmas Party at our local nightclub. I had been in the position of SU Event Executive for all of 2 weeks before our first meeting about weather we wanted to hold this event, and if we decided to do it – how would we get students to come along. A majority of the team felt that there would be a benefit to have some form of celebrity appearance at the event, the idea being that it would bring in more money and more attendees.  

Overall the event did get a good number of people attending. But surprisingly having two cast members from the hit show The Only Way is Essex at the event didn’t bring in as many ticket sales as we had hoped. 

I personally was quite surprised that the event wasn’t the big success we all thought it would be, we advertised well and in my opinion had the winning elements that make an event a success especially when targeting students. Cheap tickets, cheap drinks, celebrities and free food! 

I used to think that having Celebrities at an event would automatically make it bigger and better – however I now go with the view that it has to be the right person for the event. 

I would really like to know what you think on celebrity endorsements and appearances at events.