Are you ready for the 2012 OLYMPICS?

One of the biggest news stories yesterday, along with Stephen Lawrence’s Killers being sent to Jail and Michaele Bachmann ending her campaign for the White House, was how the 2012 Olympic organisers oversold synchronised swimming by 100%.

They have admitted that this was down to human error and to correct the situation are urging people to return their tickets and receive replacement tickets to other events,  which shall find many buyers being upgraded to more sough-after events.

If you type this in to google there are over 200 articles about this mishap which won’t help Locog and Sebastian Coe’s ticket system; many have argued it wasn’t a fair system as organisers failed to state how many tickets were available for the first heat of ticket allocations.

These are my two favourite quotes that I have read today and god do they speak the truth!

After six years of argument, anxiety and inflating budgets, Olympic year is upon us, and between now and July 27 Games organisers will not miss a trick as they try to whip up excitement in a population that has other things to worry about. Like paying the bills.” 

“With media scrutiny intensifying even relatively minor issues could become major public-relations problems, as the embarrassing unsynchronised ticketing screw-up of the last 24 hours has proved”. 
(Paul Kelso, 5th January 2012

I’m think the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee are going to overshadow anything else that may happen in the UK this year

I am looking forward to the excitement of 2012 and every thing that shall be happening in London, but if you read the key dates that have announced  you will see that it shall be hard to escape – therefore I am with the thinking that you might as well embrace it. 

The news will feature it in almost every cycle, with Monday the 9th January 2012 being the start as it will be 200 days till the Opening Ceremony! International issues will take a back seat whilst the governments focus on national issues that may effect the 2012 Summer. So if you were planning on forgetting about this international event or trying to focus on other things, I say it isn’t worth the TIME.

Some of the biggest events happening in 2012 are listed here in the Evening Standard

I would love to here if you are excited about the Olympics? And if you are planning on going to any events?