Welcome to second year

These past weeks have been hectic, so many assignments and different projects!

Its fair to say that there is a MASSIVE difference between the work load of a fresher and a second year student, even more so when you take on new opportunities. This was something that I wasn’t too prepared for, but when the work load starts getting really hectic I just think to the fact that “the need has emerged for skilled events professionals who can meet the industry’s specfic requirements.” (Bowdin, 2011; 34)

And I take time to think of where it is that I want to go and what I want to achieve, I wouldn’t be studying this course if I didn’t know that events industry is where i’m going to work.

So you may see from time to time, on twitter, me complaing about how boring lectures are and getting frustraited with assignments – but underneath all of that I am still sitting in the lecture and still working on those assignment because I know that overall it’s worth the pain and suffering when I walk away in 2 and a half years with a degree!

I spent Wednesday in Uni from 11am till 10pm – in my lectures, group meetings and writing my Risk Assessment assignment, I did hit a point where I wanted to give up and hide in my bed, but ever the proffesional I stuck at it.

I have learnt a lot already this year;

  1. Firstly how important it is to buy the academic books and not rely on the library.
  2. That being trained to do a job is actually quite important and makes you feel less like an inexperienced idiot!
  3. Reading countless books and journals does help and an even better idea is to actually do the additional tasks for the lectures.
  4. You can never be too organised.
  5. Or even every have a big enough bag for all the work.
  6. That bus journeys are a time for relaxing or sleeping – NEVER WORK.
  7. Lastly, people will surprise you – just be the bigger person.

Its strange how the list above is just to do with uni.

Today I did my first ever pitch presentation, pitching an event idea to our client, marking tutor and various other important people. Was I nervous? Hell yes! But it went well and I actually had a great time doing it.
Maybe some of the things aren’t as scary as I first thought!

Have you felt a difference with any of the years at University or school? Let me know in the comments below or email me eventmanagementstudent@gmail.com or send me a tweet @Imdamnstudent