What to expect as a volunteer

October has been a busy month, I got the job as Students Union Events Executive which means I am in charge of planning and running all of the SU events thats take place over this year. I just finished (last week) working with the RAG society to put on our Big Pink Pre Drink event in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month & am in the process of planning a pitch presentation for my group assessment in two weeks time, I also worked at this years 2011 Times Cheltenham Literacy Festival, an experience I hope never to have to go through again.

Todays blog is on the theme of what to expect as a volunteer, I have decided to try out the idea of a podcast that is just over 1 minute and gives you a taster of what you should expect as an Event Management Student entering the world of work experience and Interning.

Click the link below to hear it! (am trying to figure out how to embed in into this post!)