Greenbelt Festival: A Work Experience Series: THE START

This is a series of posts about my work experience at Greenbelt Festival over the summer of 2011. This series is here to help event management students gain an understanding of what may be expected of them when they start interning or undergoing work experience, it is also a series for anyone who is interested in how a festival is organised or specifically how Greenbelt is organised. I write these posts in a way that I like to write and so that it is easy to understand and follow. If you have any questions about this Work Experience series or about this blog send me an email

The amazing thing about actually having the opportunity to try out something before you end up committing, be that test driving a new car or tasting a flavour of ice-cream, is that you can see if it suits you. Yes, the car may be flashy and expensive – but it might be that the gear stick just doesn’t move when you want it too – or that brilliant new exotic ice cream tastes a bit too sweet and leaves an after taste you just weren’t expecting. So the fact that you can gain that invaluable moment before you take a few too many steps in the wrong direction is a god send to many young and undecided individuals much like myself.

Greenbelt has taught me a lot. The most important being that Event Management is not only something I want to do but something I CAN do. It is not everyday that a 19 year old girl, who for almost 18 years kept changing her mind, can firmly say that her future lies in one profession and it certainly wasn’t something I ever thought I would say out loud. I only decided to study Event Management at University because I was adamant that I didn’t want to have to endure 3 years of my a levels again – it was a fluke I came across my course and an even bigger fluke that I am standing here today about to start my second year, as there was a big chunk of my time last year where I wanted to leave. However work experience in the industry through Keystone, Bath Lit Fest and Greenbelt along with various other small stewarding posts, have shown me that there is more to Event Management than what the books show you. It is down to them and them alone that I feel confident and able to say that I think I may have found my future!

I promised when I started my internship at Greenbelt that I would blog about it everyday – however that never really took off. There are many things I could say about why that was; but mostly it was down to being tired – I have become lazy as a student because only needing to get up an 11 o’clock lectures means that 7am starts are a little difficult to get used too. However that doesn’t mean I never made it to the office in time – quite the opposite, I was often there a little bit too early! Coffee at Liverpool St Station isn’t half bad.

I was reading what I first wrote when I started back in June in the London Office and I have to admit that I still get that feeling every time I read that post, it is like when you first start secondary school or you first saturday job – that feeling will always stay with you even if the memory becomes more vague. I do regret not writing a little bit about what I did each day because I ended up doing such a range of different things in that first month in the office and it is hard to recall every single little thing I did. This post, about what it is I did over the course of the month in the office and the week down in Cheltenham, is both a written log for myself and a recommendation and praise for the people I had the chance to meet and work with and for. Not only that but I hope this post gives an insight into the sort of work any event student may have to take on over the period of their course, because it is nice to find someone who is happy to share their own experiences with the rest of us newbies in the world of Event Management.

Originally this was going to be a one post entry but I want it to be something that people will read and take in, due to the fact I did some many different things and have so much to say I am going to be posting these out bit by bit! I can’t explain enough in words how much this internship has helped me or in fact changed the way I view the industry, so as much as I have said previously how Work Experience is the most vital thing to do while at University or trying to break into the industry I shall it say one more time.