Greenbelt Festival: A Work Experience Series: DAY ONE

You know that feeling you get of utter excitement but dread at the same time, thats what I had when I left the house this morning to start at the Greenbelt office. And understandably, because no one wants to make a fool out of themselves on their first day. I got dressed in my smartest pair of black trousers, my trusted stripped jumper, my black “business” blazer  and my work boots (due to the RAIN), looking a good brand of ‘smart, casual with a bit of London chic thrown in.’ Lets be honest I am still 18, a University student and a girl, so I wanted to look good, but not knowing if the office attire was SMART-SMART or CASUAL-CASUAL I opted to dress in-between so as not to get it too wrong. And you will be glad to hear it worked, I fitted in with the mixed array of shirts and jeans pretty darn well, not bad going for a newbie.

In regards to the actual work I performed, my role as an Intern is to offer an extra pair of hands to all who need it, and that is exactly what I did. Working alongside the Programme Team I spend my first day looking through all the artists and speakers that are confirmed to perform over the festival weekend, (26th to the 29th of August 2011 – tickets are still available), and seeing if they are on the websites line-up. I then spend the rest of the day/afternoon adding in the new bookings for the performance stage, all which will find its way to the website in due course, making sure that each artist has a bio, web links to their websites/facebook/twitter/myspace and a picture. Then adding them to the non announced list I previously made. Looking at my whole day summarised it doesn’t look like an awful lot, however if you consider I had to look through over a 150 confirmed acts to see who was on the website & then cross reverence various emails to find the relevant information you can see why this took me a whole working day to do, not that my hours were very ‘9 till 5’.

There are only 11 staff members in the office, all who were really nice and very kind. The office space is  full of interesting things, like the toy bat that sits by the stairs into the office and the posters from previous years festivals. Its a very open area with two big rooms where most of the staff sit and quite exciting atmosphere to be working in.

Tomorrow I shall update you with other interesting happenings, right now I am off to finish my book & then back to WORK.