Greenbelt Festival: A Work Experience Series: A QUICK UPDATE

I have learnt over the last two weeks that working 5 day and leaving the house at 8am and arriving home after 6pm means I am increasingly tired, which means I fall asleep earlier and accomplish less things while at home in the evenings. One of the things I fail to accomplish when I come in from ‘work’ is writing a short paragraph about what I did on that day, which in turn means I have now created an even bigger pile of work for myself that involves summarising the last 2 weeks of work into a small enough paragraph so that people might even read it. However the first step in that process in remembering the tasks I have done.

I haven’t forgotten what I did on the 9th of June 2011, I just have a better memory (and more to talk about) of what I did say on the 20th of June 2011 (yesterday)

SO i am not going to summarise it all now, because that would be plain silly at 11.38pm, instead I will just let you know that the Greenbelt experience is fantastic. (and NO I haven’t just said that because a few people from the office might read this, I really am enjoying it!)

So I shall bid you all goodnight and spend the next few days racking my brain for an interesting way to summarise 10 days of work, as well as carrying on with the work in the Greenbelt office.