How to become an event manager: INTRODUCTION

The original article was first published on BlogByKobrak on the 7th December 2010however this has been updated for this blog.

Event management is a job that sounds nice and exciting. And don’t get me wrong it can be, however when thinking about making this your career remember to add in the aspects that everyone has to face in their job. For example health and safety forms, risk assessments, applying for licences, emergency procedures and first aiders, budgets and staff & volunteers etc.

I wouldn’t say that I took this all into account, in fact even though I knew all of this I still thought most of working in events would involve more of the imaginative and exciting aspects rather than having to call up hotels and venues making sure they had received all the information for the booking and event.

The idea of the How to… series is to make sure you have a realistic outlook of the events industry, and understand what you will have to undertake once you start working. 

Over this series, I plan on talking about what a degree course teaches you and discussing why it is worth doing. This is aimed at informing people who are thinking of studying event management at a university stage but is also going to provide information and skills needed to ‘become an event manager.’

I have just completed my first year on the Event Management degree course at the University of Gloucestershire and therefore am at a position where I can inform you what a university course provides and well as giving you my own personal experiences and teaching you what I have learnt for work experience and university.

However it is vital that I point out that I am not an expert in this field, alas I am just a student providing information that I know I would find useful.

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