Hello my name is Caitlin

So I think before I start writing away about the events industry and telling you what I know I feel it is only right for you to know some stuff about me, yes I could just direct you to the ‘About’ page but honestly where is the fun in that?

Instead I am going to give you some background information on myself, so you have an idea on why I started this second blog whilst still writing BlogByKobrak.

I started blogging in 2007 when I was 14 years old as an outlet for my photography, which at the time was a great passion of mine. It soon developed into a more personal diary space where I updated my family on my life, in hindsight I spent the whole time complaining about GCSEs and just rambling about a whole range of uninteresting things. However over the last 4 years BlogByKobrak has improved in writing style and has been the space for many of my ‘new ideas’ but it will always be my own space, where embarrassing things shall be said and I shall continue to use it as a personal blog.

So I decided to create “I’m a damn student, what do I know?” Because I want to write about my experiences as an event student and tell people information that I wish I had know when I started looking at studying it as a course. This blog is more grown up than BlogByKobrak and is not about every day mundane things, instead it is about my pursuit of the event industry and my aim of working as an event manager.

I have just completed my first year as a University student, which really translates into 8 months (excluding the Christmas holiday!) I am a full time Event Management student at the University of Gloucestershire and have a major interest in planning and running conference and exhibition events such as Sci-Fi London Festival, Comic Con, Film festivals to name just a few. If you want a full list of the work I have done with events go and have a look at my linkedin profile. I will be writing blog posts on them in the future so keep an eye out for that series.

I studied at A Level a mix of subjects, Photography, Drama and Government and Politics and I still have a major interest in all aspects but take much more of a spectator role and the reason I have ended up studying Event Management at University is because I really didn’t want to have to study anything I had done at A Level and it wasn’t until a friend of mine mentioned I would be good at organising big events that I realised it was a course I could take on at university.

In my spare time, which as a student is quite a lot, I enjoy watching television and have a real love for American crime dramas like CSI, The Mentalist, Law and Order, Criminal minds and Without a trace. I adore reading and had the best job when I worked in my local Waterstones before I came to University. I also read a lot of different blogs over the internet as well as having friends who have their own blogs.

I use the internet for an awful lot so every summer I take the time to delete and stop using sites that I have signed up for but no longer use, I was off twitter for around 6 months before I re signed up as I wanted to keep people updated on some of the exciting work experience I was doing when I wasn’t able to blog.

Since starting University I am realising what is really important to me and where I want to go in life, maybe I have used this first year as a trial before I full except I am an adult but I have learnt an awful lot about myself.