Tuesday, 2 September 2014

#EventStudents Project

I started this blog because no-one was talking about what it was like to be studying an event management course at university. Sure event courses and universities wrote blog posts about students on their course, but how truthful was it?

I like to think that 'I'm a Damn Student' is a blog that is both honest and helpful to other event students, though I am aware that as an individual I can only talk about my personal experience - I can't tell you what it is like to study at a different university or what the differences are between an 'event management' course and a 'festival management' course!

However other students can! 

This is why in May 2011 I came up with an idea which I have spent the last three months building and creating. An opportunity for current & past event management students to interact, speak & pass on advice to other event students & graduates all across the UK.

Pronounced: Hashtag Event Students

This is a multi-media project that will encompass blog posts, videos, interviews, a twitter chat, your participation & a very secret aspect!!! 

Starting next Tuesday (8th of September) I shall be publishing the first interview piece with past and current event management students, something that I am truly excited to be releasing as i've been building these up over the last two months! 

We always get told to network with event professionals to build up our list of contacts and connections, unsurprisingly your classmates are the easiest people to connect with & more than that you are all the next bunch of event professionals. Surely it makes more sense to connect and learn from each other now?! 

So how can you get involved? 

Because September sees the start of the new academic year & the beginnings of this project I want you to tweet me the 1 piece of advice you wish you had know before starting university! Remember to
 use the hashtag #eventstudents & then see what other people are suggesting! 

Follow the #EventStudents twitter & come back next week from the 1st instalment of #EventStudents Advice!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Graduate Journey: August 2014

It may come as no surprise but this month has been very quiet on the Job Hunt application process, not being in the country and backpacking around Europe does seem to do that! 

In June's Graduate Journey post I spoke about aiming to find a job by November this month, giving myself a nice window of 6 months! However in the last two months I have landed a few pieces of freelance work which shall keep me busy in September & most of November, whilst this is great as it allows me to work but not fully decide on where I want to start my career it also means that I may need to take on some part-time retail work so that I start to get a semi-regular income in! 

I am not against retail work, but I have always thought as I know what I want to do Job wise; I would just start my career journey straight away after graduating! I don't think it helps that my Graduation ceremony isn't till November & I really don't want to be one of the only people not in a full time Events position - however I am also very aware that I only feel like this because a part of my doesn't want to be judged by my peers! A very stupid view to have considering I am in a very happy place right now & about to participate in some exciting projects! 

September is when the Job Hunt becomes more serious & I will keep you all updated with everything that happens - but if you have any advice or stories you want to share then please, please, please let me know in the comments below or via twitter

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

September's #EventBlogChat: Engaging Content

Working Away at my Desk (Instagram

Evening lovely readers, it’s almost that time again for Septembers #EventBlogChat - a twitter chat dedicated to all event bloggers worldwide. Monday shall be the 4th #EventBlogChat and we shall be discussing the topic of 'engaging content'.

If you’re new to the chat, it’s aimed at both individual/ freelance and corporate event bloggers , and takes place on the first monday of each month at 9pm BST. 

A massive thank you:

It’s very exciting that we’re already into our forth chat and it’s thanks to all the bloggers who join us monthly and make it such a great and collaborative platform to share best practice and ideas. We are always looking to discuss topics with any new event bloggers & if you have any questions then I know both myself and Irina are more than happy to answer them over on twitter :) 

**Big thanks goes to all regular bloggers; Michelle (The Events Girl), Becki (Event and Conference), Bethany (The Planners Process), Anne (Executive Oasis International), Sonia (Eventstagram corporate blog), Juraj (Sli.do corporate blog), Team COS Rent 4 Events (blog), Team Cuckoo Events (blog), Kerstin (Hoffmann Event corporate blog) & of course #EventBlogChat co-host (and brains behind this wonderful chat) Irina from The Mice Blog.**

Make sure to check them out as they share lots of industry insights and expertise!

September Questions:

Q1: How do you decide about which topics to write about?

Q2: Do you think engaging content means you need people to comment, share or discuss your post?

Q3: What are your favourite types of blog posts to write?

Q4: Do you try to engage with your audience on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest?

Q5: What type of content engages you on other blogs?

You can write additional questions below in the comment section or tweet them to @EventBlogChat.

What’s coming up next?

We know that that many of you have requested to talk about SEO and the only reason we’re not doing it this month is because most of the people are on holidays so we decided to host it on Monday 6thOctober, save the date!

Please use the #EventBlogChat hashtag during the discussion and feel free to tweet us any future topic suggestions to @EventBlogChat.

We hope to see you all again on Monday 1st September at 9pm BST.

Caitlin and Irina :)