Tuesday, 30 September 2014

3 Easy Tricks to Living with Parents!

Back in May, after finishing university for good, I made a joyful return back to my parents. Like many Graduates and placement year students I decided the best way to save some cash was to move back to my childhood home - it was an easy choice as my parents live in an ideal location for commuting into London & as of yet they have not decided to rent out my room. I also lived with them during my placement year in 2012, so we've had a previous trial run but this time around I am unemployed and have no set date or plan of when I shall be moving out.

It can be very hard moving back in to a house with set rules and particular guidelines to follow after 3 years living independently eating Ice Cream for dinner, and spending weekends in bed watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls and WestWing!

GiffGaff are running a campaign about how we're #alltheboss & a few bloggers have posted their tips on how to live with parents - my favourite being from Immy May.

Whilst I could give you my own list on how I try to keep the peace at home, honesty it's just about respecting them and doing what they ask! Not rocket science or even very interesting.

BUT I am now well versed in being unemployed & living at home and so I present to you;

3 tips on how to survive that really frustrating period of time where you will be unemployed (and your parents think you should be doing more)

1. Join the gym, or take up exercising. Anything that will get you out of the house on a regular basis and fill in some of mammoth amount of free time! My experience is that my parents were so happy I was actually exercising they forgot to ask me about the job hunt - might have been because I haven't partaken in sports since 2008!

2. Go 'work' in a coffee shop. Whilst it may cost you £3 for a tiny, uninspiring coffee and feel really pointless when you have free wifi at home, it's another opportunity to get out of the house and away from the prying eyes of your parents. I've also found that I get more done from my colossal lists of tasks as I can't get as distracted by Netflix's and sleeping!

3. Actually apply for jobs! You might be thinking this is very very very obvious but when all you do is apply for jobs, attending interviews and get rejected suddenly you lack any motivation to apply for a job; all of a sudden you waste a whole day watching a Four Weddings marathon on Sky! If you apply for jobs you can ease out of the parents questions quickly and truthfully.

3 things NOT to do if you are unemployed & living at home with parents watching your every move!

1. Sleep till midday. It might have been the time you woke up at Uni but sadly it's no longer acceptable once home, especially if both your parent work!

2. 'Pretend' to apply for jobs. You only screw over yourself & your parents have no doubt been through their own 'unemployed' time and know all the tricks in the book! But more importantly why waste all that time???

3. Compare yourself to you friends and classmates! Some people will get a job right after graduating and others will spend months and months applying, but that doesn't mean you are not a great individual just that the right job hasn't come around yet! So don't compare or spend hours stalking them on Facebook and Linkedin because it will only waste good application time!

I hope this gives you some effective tips on how to survive with your parents whilst applying for jobs, they are obviously positives with living at home as well, no rent, no food shopping, no disgusting kitchens or loud housemates & two people who will look out for you when your ill!

Do you have any tips on how to live at home? Or more importantly how to be a boss under another's roof !?! 

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Monday, 29 September 2014

October #EventBlogChat - SEO

Bonus Monday Blog Post!!

Got two exciting posts up tomorrow, will be up after 6am, & on Thursday but next Monday is the next instalment of #EventBlogChat & obviously you need to see all the Questions!! So, come joint us on the 6th of October at 9pm GMT. 

Crazy how quickly September has gone & the fact it has been a month since we talked about Engaging Content, thank you to everyone who participated! As we announced last month in our next chat we shall be talking all about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a highly requested topic and one that we wanted to give our full attention too! 

We all know that if a site appears at the top of any search engine list then more visitors will click through to that page, but it seems most of us are not as clued into how you go about making sure you are using SEO effectively, which is why SEO is our October topic. We have the questions listed below but as this is a very detailed topic we would love for you to tweet your own questions throughout the chat (just remember to included #eventblogchat


Q1. What do you understand SEO to actually mean? 

Q2. How are you currently going about increasing your SEO standing? 

Q3. What tips do you have for anyone who is just starting to look into SEO? 

Q4. Do you have any links or websites that people can go too to learn more about SEO?

Q5. If you aren’t currently using SEO, what are you hoping it shall do for you? 

Q6. Yours own questions on SEO! Ask Away! 

Irina and myself look forward to chatting with you all on Monday 6th of October at 9pm GMT! 

Have a great week!  

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

The great debate of event degrees with Kirstie Allsopp

I'm going to assume that most of you have seen the above 'infamous' tweet from the TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp last week about event management degrees. It's spawned a lot of debate from fellow #EventStudents and event professionals with Event Magazine's postEvent's Northern post & numerous tweets!

The sad reality is that to gain any job you need experience, but to first gain the experience you need a job! The idea that you can walk up to an event company at 18 years old with no previous experience within the industry and gain a job is pretty naive.

Whilst overall I am extremely grateful for my degree, I didn't enjoy it during the first term & I do think there needs to be a stronger link between event academics and event professionals but I know I learnt an inaudible amount from my lectures and it is the main reason I managed to gain work experience and my placement when starting out. I also 100% feel that university is a fantastic way to learn other skills such as research, building relationships & learning to work both independently and with others.

My issue with Kirstie's tweet is the simple fact that she does not work in the industry but also the fact that whilst this has allowed for an interesting debate she is only re-tweeting people who agree with her. If you have a certain viewpoint on something & you decided to share that view, I think it is only right to engage with everyone!

I asked other #EventStudents about what they thought & have decided to share a few of my favourites with you today!

I understand that University is not for everyone & I also agree that a 4 year course should not be the only path to become an event professional, but the fundamental issue is that this is another point where the hard work and focus that event students have put in to their career choices is being questioned.

Rather than saying what is 'wrong' with event degrees we need to be discussing how to develop the courses so students are getting the BEST education and event professionals gain graduates with the BEST skills, abilities and knowledge! The crazy thing is that this can happen, these debates allow for all people in the event industry to talk with each other and share their opinions and viewpoints.

I don't agree with Kirstie's point because it is ignorant and de-values our hard work BUT i'm glad to see it bringing another discussion where everyone is talking!

What do you think of Kirstie's tweet? 

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