Wednesday, 27 August 2014

September's #EventBlogChat: Engaging Content

Working Away at my Desk (Instagram

Evening lovely readers, it’s almost that time again for Septembers #EventBlogChat - a twitter chat dedicated to all event bloggers worldwide. Monday shall be the 4th #EventBlogChat and we shall be discussing the topic of 'engaging content'.

If you’re new to the chat, it’s aimed at both individual/ freelance and corporate event bloggers , and takes place on the first monday of each month at 9pm BST. 

A massive thank you:

It’s very exciting that we’re already into our forth chat and it’s thanks to all the bloggers who join us monthly and make it such a great and collaborative platform to share best practice and ideas. We are always looking to discuss topics with any new event bloggers & if you have any questions then I know both myself and Irina are more than happy to answer them over on twitter :) 

**Big thanks goes to all regular bloggers; Michelle (The Events Girl), Becki (Event and Conference), Bethany (The Planners Process), Anne (Executive Oasis International), Sonia (Eventstagram corporate blog), Juraj ( corporate blog), Team COS Rent 4 Events (blog), Team Cuckoo Events (blog), Kerstin (Hoffmann Event corporate blog) & of course #EventBlogChat co-host (and brains behind this wonderful chat) Irina from The Mice Blog.**

Make sure to check them out as they share lots of industry insights and expertise!

September Questions:

Q1: How do you decide about which topics to write about?

Q2: Do you think engaging content means you need people to comment, share or discuss your post?

Q3: What are your favourite types of blog posts to write?

Q4: Do you try to engage with your audience on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest?

Q5: What type of content engages you on other blogs?

You can write additional questions below in the comment section or tweet them to @EventBlogChat.

What’s coming up next?

We know that that many of you have requested to talk about SEO and the only reason we’re not doing it this month is because most of the people are on holidays so we decided to host it on Monday 6thOctober, save the date!

Please use the #EventBlogChat hashtag during the discussion and feel free to tweet us any future topic suggestions to @EventBlogChat.

We hope to see you all again on Monday 1st September at 9pm BST.

Caitlin and Irina :) 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Munich at Dusk from the Olympic Park - August 2014 via my Nokia Phone

Afternoon all, i've landed back in the UK from my three week backpacking adventure around Europe & honestly it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had!!!!

I highly recommend you all do something similar after you graduate - perfect opportunity to take some time and experience new things before jumping head first into a very exciting events career! *But don't fear there will be another post all about that soon!

August is a very busy month as I head off to work at Greenbelt Festival tomorrow for the third year & then head to Berlin for a few days with family at the end of the month! There are a lot of VERY VERY exciting posts that shall be coming up in September and I cannot wait to share a few projects that I am really passionate about & have been working pretty hard on!  

However in the meantime, to ease ourselves back into posts on I'm a Damn Student I am finally posting about the 'One to Watch' award that the lovely Annie from The OCD Squirrel gave me back in May! *Hands up, who has been bad at getting round to uploading posts!*  

Why I started blogging: 

I started blogging way back in 2007 because at the time, aged 15, I wanted to be a photographer & through a blog was a good way to get my 'work' out there - obviously that dream changed and I'm a Damn Student was started in 2011, after I started my first year at university, because I was unable to find any 'real' or 'honest' opinions about what it was like to study an event management degree. That is still the premise behind this blog, but more and more it is becoming a space that provides information and opinion pieces for prospective and current event students as well as event graduates who are starting out in the industry. 

This is one of the reasons I am nominated the person I am, not only because she is a great individual but she is active online with the events community and is going to make a big impact on both the event blogging scene and the events industry! 

My One to Watch:

So who should you head on over and read? Hatty Grant's wondering new blog Eventfully Hatty

Hatty is an Event Student at the University of Brighton & started her blog last month, she is currently out on her placement year at Notts Health Care and shall be heading back to uni for her final year in September. I had the chance to meet her (very quickly) at Confex earlier this year & shall be getting to work with her later this September!! 

So please head on over to Hatty's blog & if you have the change drop her a vote in the Big Blog Exchange

Let me know if you have any great Event Blogs or Student Blogs that you think I should go give a read!! 

Friday, 1 August 2014

August's #EventBlogChat - Time Management (& my next adventure)

Hi guys, I know it has been a long time since I last updated the blog - it has been pretty hectic and slightly overwhelming at my end! Right now I am actually on my way to Brussels for a 19 day backpacking adventure around Europe with two of my best friends - this means that the blog will be lacking posts *which considering the last few weeks of empty space is not much of a change!*

However I shall be attending sziget festival whilst out in Budapest & therefore shall be back with a bang later this month! If you want to keep updated with my adventure then take a peak at my twitter and Instagram - however I shall be with little to no internet whilst away so am relying on good old wifi! 

Now if you shall be here next Monday (4th August) then please come and join the 3rd #EventBlogHour over on twitter at 9pm GMT :) The topic shall be all about Time Management, a great one for all Event Bloggers! Unfortunately I shall not be able to participate this month as I will be in Amsterdam!  

Incredible how quick time flies and it’s already time for the 3rd #EventBlogChat on Monday, 4thAugust at 9pm GMT. First of all thank you everyone for the great support and interest and we always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

This time the topic is ‘Event Blog and Time Management’, topic suggested by Sonia from Eventstagram. It’s an excellent topic to discuss because we all have busy lifestyle working in the events industry and for most of us blog is just a side activity. So how do we manage it all??

The idea behind the #EventBlogChat twitter chat is to provide event bloggers worldwide the opportunity to speak to other bloggers, network and share best practice. The chat takes place on the first Monday of each month between 9-10pm GMT, and each month the chat shall have a series of questions planned around the topic, as well as allowing people to ask their own questions.

The questions this month are:

Q1: How often do you post?

Q2: What is the most time consuming part when writing a new blog post (photos, research, creative process etc.)

Q3: Do you schedule your blog writing or do it as it comes to you? via @CuckooEvents

Q4: What tools do you use to better manage your time? (Plug-ins, TweetDeck etc.)


You can write your questions below in the comment section or tweet them to @EventBlogChat.

Please use the #EventBlogChat hashtag during the discussion and feel free to tweet us any questions or future topic suggestions @EventBlogChat.

We hope to see you all again on Monday 4th August at 9pm GMT.

Caitlin & Irina